About our Program

Why Infinite30?

Most adult Americans weigh about 30 pounds above their optimal weight, and many suffer from other health issues because of it. Wake Forest’s Infinite30 Weight Loss & Wellness Center is committed to changing that. We show our members how to craft a healthy lifestyle based on science and sustainable practices. Our program helps you lose that weight and keep it off Infinitely.

Our proven weight loss program is broken down into 3 steps

Lose weight and take back your health.

Lose phase

The safe, supervised way to lose up to 17-to-27 pounds in your first month as part of the Infinite30 family.

Learn phase

The personalized phase that develops a specific weight loss maintenance plan, customized to help you keep the weight off.

Live phase

The ongoing support and resources you need to make healthy living a permanent part of your life.

Infinite30 Is More Than A Weight Loss Plan.

When you feel healthy, you open a world of possibilities.

The Infinite30 Weight Loss Program is about more than losing weight. Achieving a healthy weight is just the first step to a healthy lifestyle, and the most critical part is maintaining that healthy weight. Our program gives you the tools to build a great quality of life around nutritious food and healthy eating habits.

After our program, our members consistently report stress reduction, improved sleep, and more energy. Some are even able to stop taking medications they previously depended on!

The team at Infinite30 Wake Forest is ready to change your life with the Infinite30 Weight Loss Program. If you live in the Wake Forest area, please contact us! Our friendly, knowledgeable staff will be happy to explain more about our program and set up an appointment for you. You can call us at 919-263-1450, send us an email at Info@Infinite30.com, or fill out our online contact form.