About our Program

Why Infinite30?

Most Americans struggle to reach and maintain their goal weight. and many suffer from health problems because of it. Your local Ocean Springs Infinite30 is your tool for losing weight, establishing nutritious eating habits, and leading a healthy life. Our unique program helps you lose weight and keep it off– Infinitely.

Our proven weight loss program is broken down into 3 steps

Lose weight and take back your health.

Lose phase

The safe, supervised way to lose up to 17-to-27 pounds in your first month as part of the Infinite30 family.

Learn phase

The personalized phase that develops a specific weight loss maintenance plan, customized to help you keep the weight off.

Live phase

The ongoing support and resources you need to make healthy living a permanent part of your life.

Infinite30 Is More Than A Weight Loss Plan.

When you feel healthy, you open a world of possibilities.

The Infinite30 Weight Loss Program is not just about losing weight. Our program starts by helping you achieve a healthy weight and then shifts to the most critical part: maintaining that healthy weight. We instill positive habits for a higher quality of life.

Our members consistently report lower levels of stress, better sleep, and more energy. Many members are even able to quit taking medications they previously depended on!

The team at Infinite30 Ocean Springs knows that the Infinite30 Weight Loss Program can change your life.  If you would like to participate in our virtual coaching program, call 228-447-4028, email Info@Infinite30.com or fill out our online contact form.