Self-Love is the Best Self-Care

Self-Love is the Best Self-Care

Love is in the air… With Valentine’s Day around the corner, it’s time to think about the most important relationship in your life: your relationship with yourself!

What do you think about when you hear the words “self-love” or “self-care?” Is it a “treat yourself” night with face masks, scented candles, and bath bombs?

While treating yourself can be part of self-love, it’s not the full picture! Self-love is a nuanced skill, and cultivating it is important to living a rich, fulfilling life.

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What is Self-Love?

Self-love is a commitment to yourself. It’s making the choice to appreciate and care about yourself the way you would a friend.

Self-love is not always what you want; it’s what is good for you. It means choosing the things that make you feel your best: energized, happy, and safe. Sometimes that looks like buying yourself a fancy coffee occasionally.

However, sometimes self-love looks like making less glamorous but even more important decisions for your overall health, like spending less time with a toxic “friend” or starting a diet plan for losing weight.

Some days, self-love will be easier, and some days, it will be harder. The important thing is to keep going and keep choosing yourself. Habits take time to form.

Self-love isn’t a finite goal; it’s a practice. It’s something you work at every day–just like meditation, exercise, or finding ways to lose weight.

How to Cultivate a Self-Love Practice

Making a self-love commitment means making healthy choices. Here are a few ways you can orient your mindset and daily habits to prioritize self-love:

  • Start with acceptance – If self-love seems too much right now, focus on self-acceptance. View yourself from as neutral a lens as possible.
  • Focus on the facts and what you can control – When self-doubt and anxiety take over, it can be easy to imagine hundreds of different terrible scenarios. Focusing on the facts of a situation and the element within your control keeps you grounded.
  • Forgive yourself – Everyone makes mistakes. Instead of focusing on the mistake, reflect on the lessons you learned. Remember to always be gentle with yourself and talk to yourself the way you would a loved one.
  • Set boundaries – Set safe boundaries in all your relationships–friends, family, colleagues, and even activities. For example, you can’t stop a work colleague from emailing you on the weekend, but you can wait until Monday morning to respond. If you’re trying to lose weight, you may want to set a boundary on certain hangouts with friends. Swap a night at the bar drinking caloric cocktails and eating greasy food that may make you feel worse for a fun, energizing hike together!
  • Avoid comparison – It’s okay to look at someone as a role model or for support, but if you constantly compare yourself to other people, you’ll always come up short. Keep your eyes on your own boat!
  • Remember, it’s a process – Above all, remember that self-love takes consistent practice. You don’t have to be perfect at it; in fact, you never will, and that’s okay! Just keep going.

Love Yourself and The Best Diet for Losing Weight: Infinite30

As we’ve explored, self-love is a commitment. It’s not always fun or flashy, but consistently making healthy choices, like choosing to lose weight, will improve your relationship with yourself and your overall quality of life.

At Infinite30, self-love is at the forefront of our fast weight loss program. Our dieting plan focuses on helping you feel your best with real, nutritious foods, natural supplements, and endorphin-boosting activities!

Our diet plan for losing weight takes the latest science and psychology into account to help you commit to your rapid weight loss and build a healthy lifestyle.

Make the commitment to self-love today and find ways to lose weight fast by contacting us today or stopping by our Wake Forest and Raleigh, NC locations!

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