Reduce Your Stress

Reduce Your Stress

You’re busy hustling–achieving your goals at work, making time for your family and friends, and handling chores at home–but when it comes time for you to relax and go to sleep, does the anxiety keep you up?

We all know that stress is bad, but it may seem unavoidable!

However, there’s a secret link between losing weight and stress that may make you happier and healthier, and Infinite30, your number one resource for rapid weight loss, has the answer.

We have shared our revolutionary 30-day weight loss challenge and diet program with customers in over 15 locations, including Raleigh, NC, and Wake Forest, NC, as well as our virtual coaching program!

We are a team of experts in ways to lose weight fast, and we are here to share our secrets for losing weight and reducing stress.

Cortisol: The Stress Hormone

One of the key factors in Infinite30’s rapid weight loss program is understanding the hormones that affect how your body gains and loses weight. When we’re talking about stress and weight gain, we must explore cortisol.

Cortisol is the primary stress hormone. Produced by your adrenal glands, cortisol oversees many important bodily functions. It regulates inflammation, blood pressure, blood sugar, and your sleep cycle.

However, when your stress is out of control, your body produces more cortisol than it needs. Since one of cortisol’s jobs is managing carbohydrate, fat, and protein use, that excess cortisol may cause belly fat.

Yes, those stubborn extra inches around your waist may be caused by stress, not anything you are eating. However, excess cortisol is also associated with stress eating, which causes weight gain as well.

Beyond creating excess belly fat, unbalanced cortisol levels due to high stress may also lead to a variety of other problems, such as anxiety, headaches, digestive issues, insomnia, and difficulty concentrating.

If all this information sounds scary, don’t worry! Knowledge is power, and understanding cortisol is the first step to managing stress and losing weight.

Stress, Losing Weight, and You

Once stress causes weight gain, it also increases the stress on your body. Excess weight puts pressure on your bones and joints, as well as important organs.

Visceral fat may wrap around the organs in your torso, such as your heart, and may dramatically raise your risk for heart disease, Alzheimer’s, type 2 diabetes, stroke, and high cholesterol.

Stress and weight are interdependent. Therefore, sustainable, lifelong wellness includes both finding the right diet program and reducing stress.

You have a variety of options to reduce stress and lose weight! There are many techniques for managing stress, including:

  • Meditation
  • Breathing exercises
  • Physical activity
  • Mindfulness
  • Socialization
  • Sleep
  • Reduced screen time

However, sometimes these methods fall short. After all, if you’re already super stressed, sitting down for a meditation feels impossible!

You need something that lowers your stress levels enough so that you may begin to manage it. Fortunately, Infinite30 has a revolutionary product that may help: Stremunity.

Reduce Stress and Find Ways to Lose Weight Fast with Infinite30

Stremunity is a supplement that supports healthy cortisol levels, while also boosting your immune system with elderberry. Powered by Relora, a blend of natural plant extracts, Stremunity may help your body manage minor stress responses.

Relora has been clinically validated, and it may relieve symptoms of temporary stress, such as nervous tension, irritability, fatigue, sadness, and nervous eating.

Stremunity is relaxing, but it doesn’t make you sluggish. It simply relieves the excess stress so you may go about your regular day.

Stremunity is just one tool that Infinite30 uses to help you experience rapid weight loss and build a healthy lifestyle–infinitely!

You can experience the Infinite30 difference wherever you live. We have locations all over the United States–including Raleigh, NC, and Wake Forest, NC–and a virtual coaching program that you can take anywhere!

Are you ready to take our 30-day weight loss challenge? Contact us today!

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