Rapid Weight Loss Results in Just One Month!

Lose weight by discovering how foods affects your body

Lose Up To 17 – 27 Pounds* In Your First Month

Think about how much happier & healthier you will be ONE MONTH from now!

Here’s what you can expect
  • See rapid results in your first month – Lose weight, feel great, and get started on your path to permanent wellness.
  • One-on-one accountability checks – Daily texts, weekly check-ins and dedicated coaches here to help you!
  • Ongoing education and support – Complete with a personalized eating plan built just for you!
  • Eat a wide variety of real foods – No pre-packaged “meals” or point counting!
How much does Infinite30 cost?

We customize our approach to our client’s needs, so we won’t be able to give you an accurate quote without learning more about you! At the seminar, we can find the best program for you and give you more pricing information.

*Weight loss results and health benefits may vary among individuals. The average weight loss in the Infinite30 Lose Phase is 17 pounds for women and 27 pounds for men in the first 30 when you follow the Lose Program.

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Seminar Options

We have set times for each day, please see below:

  • Monday 4:30 or 7:30 PM EST
  • Tuesday 4:30 PM EST
  • Wednesday 12:00 PM EST
  • Thursday 1:00 PM EST
  • Friday 11:00 AM EST
  • Saturday 10:00 AM EST
Learn in 35 minutes how Infinite30 can transform your life and help you achieve your weight loss and wellness goals. You must have a Microsoft Teams link to watch the seminar. It's free to use, click here. Please signup for Teams at least 30 minutes prior to your scheduled seminar.

We will not sell your information. Please review our privacy policy. If you have questions or comments, we’d love to hear them! Please use our contact form, or call 919-263-1450, A member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

Real Success Stories


Use Your HSA/FSA Accounts

If HSA and FSA programs are offered at your workplace, there is a good likelihood that your funds can be applied to your Infinite30 Raleigh or Wake Forest Weight Loss enrollment.

These benefits are a great way to cover out-of-pocket expenses for health & wellness services, such as Infinite30. Contact your HR person to learn more. Then call Infinite30 to use HSA funds for your Infinite30 Weight Loss program.

Rapid Results in
Just One Month!

Lose weight, feel great, and get started on your path to permanent wellness.

Serving all of North Carolina, In-Person or Virtually!

If you aren’t physically located near an Infinite30 Weight Loss & Wellness Center, travel often, are primarily homebound, or for any other reason, our life-changing program is available to do in your own home through our virtual coaching program.

What’s included in our
30-day program?

  • Weekly In-person or virtual group check-ins with an INFINITE30 coach
  • Daily text communication with an INFINITE30 coach
  • Virtually connect with other members through our private Facebook Group
  • The INFINITE30 Success Manual
  • The INFINITE30 Starter Kit includes an easy-to-carry pouch, with INFINITE30 Supplements and drops
  • A proven eating plan with an add back system to discover how different foods effect your body for permanent results
  • A list of approved grocery store foods you can eat, plus dozens of popular recipes for you to try
  • Food Journal to log what you eat and drink each day.
  • High-tech FIT-3D Scanner (at a location only)

Infinite30 Locations

Can’t make it to one of our two locations,
we offer virtual seminars and coaching classes

  • Raleigh Midtown:

    2340 Bale Street, Suite 104,
    Raleigh, NC 27608

    CALL 984-777-8446

  • Raleigh Wake Forest:

    3325 Rogers Road,Suite 104,
    Wake Forest, NC 27587

    CALL 984-777-8446

Fast Weight Loss in North Carolina

What would you do if you felt strong, healthy, and confident? Would you finally ask your crush on a date? Would you push for that promotion you deserve? Would you take that dream vacation?

Life has infinite possibilities–and that’s what Infinite30 is all about!

Infinite30 is the number one weight loss program in North Carolina. We have six North Carolina locations, including Charlotte, NC, and Raleigh, NC, and our locations are within easy reach of other cities like Cary and Durham, NC.

What makes us the best? Our healthy weight loss program uses cutting-edge science, a customized approach, and supportive weight loss coaching to help you achieve and sustain fast weight loss.

Infinite30’s goal is to help everyone live their best lives, free from the burdens of poor self-esteem and weight-exacerbated medical issues. Our Infinite30 locations near and in Charlotte, NC, Raleigh, NC, and Durham, NC can change your life!

How It Works: 30-Day Weight Loss with Infinite30

Infinite30’s healthy weight loss program has three phases: the Lose Phase, the Learn Phase, and the Live Phase.

The Lose Phase is a 30-day weight loss plan. During this phase, you work closely with your coach to achieve fast weight loss. Women lose an average of 0.5 lbs per day, resulting in about 17 lbs lost in the first month, and men lose an average of 1 lb per day, totaling approximately 27 lbs.

Our 30-day weight loss program shows you ways to lose weight without skipping meals or replacing them with unsatisfying shakes or bars! Our members lose weight while eating real, healthy food that you can find at your local grocery store.

Once you’ve completed the Lose Phase, it’s time to Learn! The Learn Phase is a critical component of our weight loss program. Through expert weight loss coaching, you will discover how your body reacts to certain foods.

Everyone is different, so everyone has different dietary needs! The Learn Phase is all about learning which foods make you feel great and which foods make you feel sluggish, moody, or just uncomfortable.

With the information from the Learn Phase, many people start to notice that the Infinite30 program offers more health benefits than just finding ways to lose weight.

Our members have reported increased self-esteem, more energy, and a decrease in negative symptoms like inflammation, headaches, and insomnia.

After the Learn Phase, you move into the final and best phase of the Infinite30 weight loss program: the Live Phase! Armed with the tools you learned through Infinite30’s weight loss coaching, you’re free to do whatever you want!

A sustainable, healthy lifestyle gives you the energy, confidence, and capability to do everything you’ve been dreaming of:

  • Traveling the world
  • Connecting with family and friends
  • Advancing in your career
  • Discovering exciting new hobbies
  • Embracing gratitude
  • Inspiring others

The possibilities are Infinite.

Ways to Lose Weight with Your North Carolina Community

Infinite30 understands that any goal, including fast weight loss, is difficult to achieve by yourself. That’s why from the second you become a member, you have access to our supportive weight loss coaching community.

You will receive personalized attention from your weight loss coach that includes daily accountability texts, progress tracking, and face-to-face check-ins. 

In addition to individual weight loss coaching, Infinite30 members also get access to our private Facebook group and a wide variety of resources, including healthy recipes, special members-only offers, and our Daybreak inspirational message.

Infinite30 members can complete our weight loss program at our in-person locations, including Charlotte, NC, and Raleigh, NC, but they also have access to our virtual weight loss coaching program, which is a great option for people whose schedules or physical abilities cannot accommodate the in-person option.

Our weight loss program is transforming lives throughout North Carolina and the rest of the country. Contact us today to find out how Infinite30 can change yours!