Phase 2 – Learn

We are all created differently. We cannot eat the same foods. This customized plan, in conjunction with ongoing coaching support, helps you discover what foods affect your body by using our scientific formula for adding back foods.

In the process, you LEARN what foods help or hinder your weight loss. Certain foods aid in weight loss and certain foods work against you. Your weight loss journey begins and ends with Infinite30! Creating your own plan can ensure your success in permanent weight loss.


How Infinite30 Weight Loss Program Is Life-Changing

Why? Because the Infinite30 3-phase program doesn’t end with rapid weight loss

Our 1-month Lose phase is only the beginning. It leads seamlessly into the Learn phase where our members and coaches work together to develop a customized weight loss maintenance program that works specifically for the member.

We methodically reintroduce food types back into our members’ diets. We track and monitor the results and modify our members’ specific eating plans accordingly.

The Infinite30 weight loss concept incorporates weekly coaching. This close engagement model encourages accountability and ensures that every step in the Learn process is implemented effectively.

In Infinite30’s Learn phase 3 amazing things happen.

First, weight loss continues! Our members are still avoiding the types of food that spike insulin, pack on pounds and contribute to hypertension and high blood pressure.

Second, quality of life improves! Our members consistently report increased energy, more sleep, reduced reliance on meds and an overall better outlook on life.

Third, the Infinite30 program becomes part of everyday living! Our members learn specifically which types of foods to include in their daily diets, and which ones to avoid. They know which products to purchase at the store, what menu items to order at the restaurant, and which snack foods to resist.

This deliberate, methodical approach helps our members integrate grocery shopping and meal planning back in to their daily routine. When learning has become engrained, the Infinite30 weight loss plan is truly a life-changing infinite event.

In time our members’ specific customized meal plans become second nature to them and a routine part of life. Now our members are ready to advance to the Live phase of our program, to embrace all the great things a healthy lifestyle has to offer!

Lose Up To 17 – 27 Pounds* In Your First Month

Think about how much happier & healthier you will be ONE MONTH from now!

  • Women – 17 lbs.
  • Men – 27 lbs.

*Weight loss results and health benefits may vary among individuals. The average weight loss in the Infinite30 Lose Phase is 17 pounds for women and 27 pounds for men in the first 30 when you follow the Lose Program.

Let’s get you started

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