How to Keep a Resolution

How to Keep a Resolution

With only a few days left in 2021, it’s time for New Year’s resolutions.

Making a resolution is a great way to set yourself up for success in the new year and take advantage of the fresh start to become your best self. 

However, the majority of people find their resolutions difficult to keep. Setting a goal is easy, but how do you keep motivated?

Infinite30 is a revolutionary weight loss program, and our team of experts knows exactly how to keep a resolution. We specialize in ways to lose weight fast and build a healthy lifestyle. Whether you are looking to shed 5 pounds or 50, Infinite30 can help!

Set Specific, Achievable Goals

The first problem most people encounter with their New Year’s resolutions happens right at the start.

If you give yourself a vague goal like, “I want to be kinder” or “I want to lose weight,” it can be hard to quantify and therefore harder to keep on track.

With such undefined resolutions, you can pay for a stranger’s coffee on January 2nd or lose 1 lb by January 5th, pat yourself on the back, and avoid turning your resolutions into a long-term lifestyle change.

Refine your goals. Instead of “I want to lose weight,” how about, “I want to lose 5 lbs in January and build a dieting plan that will help me reach my goal weight by June.”

It may seem like too much information, but being that specific will help you stick to your resolution because it doesn’t give you any wiggle room and creates a game plan for long-term change.

Did you notice something else about that resolution statement? We broke the large goal up into smaller, achievable goals.

Major lifestyle changes are daunting. When you have milestones along the way, you get a chance to see and celebrate your success! This positive reinforcement makes it much easier to keep going.

These principles are at the heart of Infinite30’s fast weight loss program. We take a holistic approach informed by psychology and science that doesn’t just help you find ways to lose weight fast; it helps you build a healthy, sustainable lifestyle.

Create an Accountability Network

It’s all too easy to break a promise to yourself, but could you break a promise to your friends or family?

Finding people who will hold you accountable for your actions is exactly what you need to stick to your New Year’s resolution. A supportive network that cheers you on when you need motivation and rejoices in your successes makes all the difference.

Your network can be as big or as small as you want it to be. You can simply ask your best friend to check in on your progress every week, or you could even post about your journey on a blog or social media to inspire others while holding yourself accountable.

That’s why Infinite30 places a premium on community. We give you access to a personal coach as well as a whole host of other people on the same journey.

Our Weight Loss & Wellness Centers in Wake Forest, NC, Raleigh, NC, and Ocean Springs, MS are upbeat groups of like-minded people who are always rooting for each other!

If you can’t travel to one of Infinite30’s Weight Loss & Wellness Centers, our virtual coaching program offers the same levels of support and community. You will text with your coach daily, and you also have the benefit of our private Facebook group.

Through the virtual coaching program, you benefit from finding the best diet for losing weight for your body type while also staying connected with the broader Infinite30 community.

Keep Your Resolution and Lose Weight with Infinite30

Infinite30’s 3 step process to fast weight loss and a healthy lifestyle delivers results.

We start with the Lose Phase: fast weight loss that allows you to safely lose 17-27 pounds within your first month of the program.

Then, we move on to the Learn Phase. Our coaches develop a personalized plan that will help you build healthier habits and keep the weight off.

Finally, we make it to the Live Phase, where your Infinite30 team provides you with the support to make healthy living part of your life, infinitely. Contact us now to keep your resolution to lose weight in 2022.

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