Rapid Weight Loss in Durham, NC

What would you do if you had a healthier lifestyle?

Would you take your dream vacation? Would you make more time for your loved ones? Would you find a better mindset, because you no longer have to worry about physical problems holding you back?

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The Last Weight Loss Program You’ll Ever Need

These treasured dreams can become a reality! Don’t wait to start your rapid weight loss journey. You already have the best weight loss center near me: Infinite30. ’s Durham location!

Infinite30 is the premier weight loss service in Durham, NC

Our cutting-edge weight loss program uses the latest science behind rapid weight loss. We understand that everyone is different, so it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution! Our weight loss plans are customized to each individual. Through three revolutionary phases, our members work closely with our expert coaches and supportive community to lose weight fast and craft a sustainable, healthy lifestyle that lasts–Infinitely!

Start your rapid weight loss journey now with the Infinite30 Weight Loss Center near me in Durham!

How Does It Work?

The Basics of Our Weight Loss Plan

The Infinite30 weight loss program has three distinct phases: the Lose Phase, the Learn Phase, and the Live Phase.

For the first 30 days of your customized weight loss plan, you will experience our Lose Phase. The Lose Phase is designed to produce rapid weight loss. Your coach will work together with you, giving you specific instructions and a personalized menu that results in an average weight loss of 17lbs for women and 27lbs for men during the first month!

While these results may seem unbelievable, they are real, and they are achieved in a safe and effective way. Nutritious food is the cornerstone of the Lose Phase, working in combination with Infinite30 ’s scientifically backed, all-natural supplements. We don’t believe in skipping meals or using unsatisfying replacements!

What about the “Learn Phase”?

Our 1-month Lose phase is only the beginning. It leads seamlessly into the Learn phase where our members and coaches work together to develop a customized weight loss maintenance program that works specifically for the member.

We methodically reintroduce food types back into our members’ diets. We track and monitor the results and modify our members’ specific eating plans accordingly.

The Infinite30 weight loss concept incorporates weekly coaching. This close engagement model encourages accountability and ensures that every step in the Learn process is implemented effectively.

What about the “Live Phase”?

The Infinite Weight Loss Program Is Truly Infinite

Infinite30 aspires to help our members sustain a healthy lifestyle and experience an amazing quality of life.

When our team of experienced weight loss & wellness professionals created Infinite30, we knew our program needed to extend well beyond rapid weight loss, and even past a maintenance program of some type. When nutritious eating habits and the health benefits that go with them become a routine part of living, people are able to focus their energies, activities, and inspiration on far more important things! The Live phase of Infinite30 is designed to help our members enjoy the best of life’s possibilities.


With Infinite30’s proven three-phase weight loss program, your possibilities are infinite!

Community: The Infinite30 Difference in Durham, NC

Infinite30 is the best weight loss service in Durham. You already know about our cutting-edge science and focus on sustainable choices, but the final piece of the puzzle is our amazing community.

As soon as you join the Infinite30 Weight Loss Center near me, you are welcomed into a supportive environment. You work closely with your coach to find the foods and techniques that work for your needs and lifestyle, and they help you develop personal accountability through daily progress tracking.

The Infinite30 community is full of positive, like-minded people who want to help you succeed. From our coaches to other members, everyone is here to support you. As an Infinite30 member, you get access to a wide variety of weight loss services. Our community has put together a wealth of helpful resources, including healthy recipes, grocery shopping lists, and information about other factors of a healthy lifestyle, like money management, travel, and spirituality!

Start your day off right with our Daybreak message, find inspiration and knowledge in our weekly Infinite Possibilities conference call, and get exclusive access to special deals and contests!

Use Your HSA/FSA Accounts

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Our commitment to sharing the Infinite30 weight loss program extends to helping you access weight loss services. If your job offers a Health Savings Account (HSA) or Flexible Spending Arrangement/Flexible Spending Account (FSA) as part of your benefits package, those funds can often be applied to your Infinite30journey. Once you confirm your plain details, the team at Infinite30 can help you use it to lose it!

Your Infinite30 community will always be there for you while you live in Durham, NC, but you can also take it with you everywhere you go! There are over a dozen Infinite30 locations all over the United States, and we also offer a virtual coaching program. Wherever you are, there is an Infinite30 Weight Loss Center near me, even if it’s online! If you move to an area without an Infinite30 franchise, you could even start your own!

Contact us today to explore Infinite possibilities!