About Dr. Sheth

Clinically trained at the University of Miami, Miller School of Medicine, Dr. Sheth then moved on to residency in both internal medicine and family medicine at Texas Tech University and Northern Ontario School of Medicine. He fell in love with the Triangle area where he culminated his training at Duke University School of Medicine.  After spending a few years in California, he and his wife, Dr. Nidhi Seth returned to the Triangle and set up their practices in Raleigh. Dr. Sheth went on to then pursue additional training and certifications in Medical Aesthetics and Metabolic Medicine.

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Stemming from his passion to improve healthcare in his community Dr. Sheth pursued to start HealthBloom Primary Care and Aesthetics. As a hand-crafted clinical destination, Dr. Sheth’s vision is to pursue personally tailored healthcare for clients. Each team member at HealthBloom Primary Care has been vetted to ensure they all meet a high standard of expertise and integrity. Dr. Sheth and his entire staff share a common commitment to providing the highest level of patient care to deliver a comprehensive healthcare experience.

Dr. Sheth’s commitment to growing awareness regarding metabolic medicine has resulted in him pursuing specialization in his practice to help patients with weight loss, lipid management, and diabetes control. His expertise in injectables, hormone optimization, and the pursuit of bariatric surgical prevention has led to many patients achieving healthier lifestyles and metabolic profiles.

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