Don’t Let Fear Stop You from Making a Healthy Life

Don’t Let Fear Stop You from Making a Healthy Life

It’s almost Halloween, which means it’s time for scary movies, haunted houses, and creepy costumes! It’s the time of year to face your fears and come out on top.  You may not be afraid of ghosts or ghouls, but are you afraid of change? Fear isn’t just about spiders and skeletons; it’s about the things that hold you back from living your best life.

Is there a life change that you haven’t made because you’ve been too scared?  Whether it’s taking that dream job or finding ways to lose weight, our fear can hold us back from positive challenges. That’s why Infinite30’s fast weight loss experts are here to help!

Infinite30 isn’t just a diet plan for losing weight; it’s the best program for losing weight. With over a dozen locations, including Raleigh and Wake Forest, NC, and a virtual coaching program, we are the experts in rapid weight loss.

Our revolutionary three-phase plan allows you to lose weight fast. But are you scared of getting started?

What is Fear?

Although many of us consider fear as an unpleasant emotion, it is a natural protective instinct. Fear is the adrenaline boost our prehistoric ancestors needed to fend off all the threats of the wilderness–lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

Even in modern society, fear can be useful. Fear can remind you to blow out a scented candle before leaving home, so you don’t burn your house down or keep you from wandering down that dark and dangerous alleyway.

While fear can feel negative, it is an innate response and nothing to be ashamed of. However, it is not always as constructive as nature intended it to be.

Most of us associate fear with physical pain or mortality, but fear can take different forms. A lot of us are scared of change, uncertainty, or failure, and these fears hold us back from taking the risks we need to reach our full potential.

After all, the known seems safer than the unknown, even if our current situation leaves us dissatisfied. But it doesn’t have to be this way!

How To Overcome Fear

Fear can be a difficult emotion to work through, but it starts with identifying exactly what you fear.

Because fear is a protective instinct, sometimes we avoid naming our fears. Take some time for self-reflection and really understand why you are scared. Why are you so reluctant to move to an exciting new city or find a weight loss plan?

Don’t judge yourself! Try to be as objective and curious as possible. It’s all about self-discovery.

Once you’ve named your fear, it is much easier to work through it. Lean into the discomfort and anxiety you feel; it’s okay. If you do what you’re scared of, what is the worst thing that could happen? What is the best thing?

Often, you’ll find that the rewards justify the risk.

For example, if you apply for that new job, what’s the worst thing that could happen? You get rejected, and your status quo doesn’t change. The best thing? You could have a profitable and fulfilling career opportunity that transforms your life!

If you find yourself making excuses, don’t be afraid to call yourself out. Is your excuse a real concern that merits consideration (i.e., moving away from your loved ones) or a refusal to commit to yourself (i.e., claiming you’re “too busy” to make a change)?

Comfort is nice, but success requires some risk and discomfort. Success almost always includes overcoming fear. The path may be difficult, and you may experience setbacks, but you owe it to yourself to claim your best life.

Overcome Fear and Find Ways to Lose Weight Fast with Infinite30

Are you ready to stop letting fear hold you back from losing weight? You don’t need to hop on Google and search for “best diet for losing weight.” Just reach out to your local Infinite30 Wellness Center in Raleigh, Wake Forest, or online!

Infinite30’s three-phase plan gets results. We start with the Lose Phase, with 30-day accelerated weight loss program using real food. On average members are losing half a pound to a pound a day. The Learn Phase is next. It is a scientific food add-back system and personalized eating plan to discover how foods affect your body. Finally, the Live Phase allows you to maintain your new lifestyle and LIVE your best life.

This month, you can even take advantage of two wonderful promotions: get Hallow-lean with 30% off our rapid weight loss program and benefit from discounts on products handpicked by our knowledgeable coaches for Coach-tober!

You owe it to yourself to find a plan for losing weight that takes your unique needs and goals into account. Don’t be scared! Contact us today.

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