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Do you feel like you’re being held back?

Like you can’t reach your full potential? When we’re not living our healthiest lifestyle, we often self-sabotage. Instead of letting our light shine, we try to hide. We don’t apply for that job or go on that date, because the dissatisfying known feels so much safer than the exciting (but scary) unknown.

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The Last Weight Loss Program You’ll Ever Need

But it doesn’t have to be this way! You can claim the healthy life you deserve. As a resident of Charlotte, NC, you have access to the best weight loss center near me: Infinite30.

Infinite30 is an innovative weight loss program

that combines nutritious eating habits, all-natural supplements, and customized weight loss plans designed by expert coaches to ensure rapid weight loss and sustainable results. Our weight loss services follow a three-phase approach, freeing up our Charlotte members to create the life of their dreams.

Let’s explore how the Infinite30 Weight Loss Center near me in Cary, NC can change your life!

The Three Phases of Infinite30

A Guide to Our Weight Loss Plan

The Infinite30 weight loss program has three distinct phases: the Lose Phase, the Learn Phase, and the Live Phase.

The Lose Phase comprises the first month of your personalized weight loss plan. Over the course of 30 days, our members lose an average of 17-27lbs. How do we achieve these stellar rapid weight loss results? Our coaches use cutting-edge nutrition and scientific techniques to help members achieve their goals in a quick, safe, and effective way.

The Lose Phase stimulates rapid weight loss without a significant increase in exercise (we don’t want to invite the stress-induced belly fat hormone, cortisol); the secret to the Lose Phase is a nutritious food and all-natural supplements. We focus on real food, not meal replacements bars, or shakes.

What about the “Learn Phase”?

Our 1-month Lose phase is only the beginning. It leads seamlessly into the Learn phase where our members and coaches work together to develop a customized weight loss maintenance program that works specifically for the member.

We methodically reintroduce food types back into our members’ diets. We track and monitor the results and modify our members’ specific eating plans accordingly.

The Infinite30 weight loss concept incorporates weekly coaching. This close engagement model encourages accountability and ensures that every step in the Learn process is implemented effectively.

What about the “Live Phase”?

The Infinite Weight Loss Program Is Truly Infinite

Infinite30 aspires to help our members sustain a healthy lifestyle and experience an amazing quality of life.

When our team of experienced weight loss & wellness professionals created Infinite30, we knew our program needed to extend well beyond rapid weight loss, and even past a maintenance program of some type. When nutritious eating habits and the health benefits that go with them become a routine part of living, people are able to focus their energies, activities, and inspiration on far more important things! The Live phase of Infinite30 is designed to help our members enjoy the best of life’s possibilities.


You have the skills you need to build your best life!

Community: The Infinite30 Difference in Charlotte, NC

Infinite30 is the best weight loss service on the market, and the number one secret to our success is the people who make up our Charlotte community. At the Infinite30 Weight Loss Center near me, you will meet a positive, supportive group of people who are all rooting for you to succeed! From our experienced, knowledgeable coaches to the motivated, like-minded members, your Infinite30 community is there for you.

Personal connection is what makes Infinite30 unique. Throughout our three-phase weight loss program, our rapid weight loss experts will use your daily progress tracking to help you craft the perfect, custom plan for you.

Being an Infinite30 member also puts a wide range of weight loss services and resources at your fingertips. Our community shares delicious recipes and grocery shopping lists, as well as having thoughtful, spirited discussions about various topics, including fitness, leisure, and philanthropy.

Highlights of our Charlotte, NC Infinite30 community include the Daybreak inspirational message, a weekly conference call we lovingly nicknamed “Infinite Possibilities,” and access to members-only offers and prizes.

Use Your HSA/FSA Accounts

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We want our revolutionary weight loss program to be as accessible as possible! That’s why we accept Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) and Flexible Spending Arrangemenst/Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs). Talk to your benefits provider about the specifics of your plan, and your Infinite30 team will be able to help you apply it to our weight loss services.

Your Charlotte Infinite30 community will always be there for you, and if you move, you can still be a member! We have over a dozen locations across the United States, and even if there isn’t an Infinite Weight Loss Center near me in your new city, you still have options. You can take advantage of your virtual coaching program, or you could even start your own Infinite30 franchise!

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