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Have you been wanting to life your healthiest life, but you haven’t found the courage to start yet?

Sometimes, the hardest part of achieving a goal is just getting going, and this point holds true for your rapid weight loss journey, too.

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The Last Weight Loss Program You’ll Ever Need

It’s time to stop hesitating! You owe it to yourself to find a weight loss plan, and as an Atlanta resident, you have access to the best weight loss center near me: Infinite30.

Infinite30 is the premier weight loss service in Atlanta, GA.

We have designed a cutting-edge, proven weight loss program that leverages the science behind rapid weight loss for a customized approach.

If you’re ready to change your life and experience an amazing, educational weight loss program, then read on

to find out about the Infinite30 Weight Loss Center near me in Atlanta!

Lose, Learn, Live

A Guide to Our Weight Loss Plan

The Infinite30 weight loss program has three distinct phases: the Lose Phase, the Learn Phase, and the Live Phase.

The Lose Phase, which takes place during your first month as an Infinite30 member, is the rapid weight loss phase. Your coach will create a personalized weight loss plan for you–grounded in healthy, nutritious food and all-natural supplements–to help you lose a lot of weight, fast! Female members tend to lose an average of 17lbs in this phase, and men often lose about 27lbs. During the Lose Phase, you step on the scale every day, because you’ll be losing weight every day!

The next step in your weight loss program is the Learn Phase. You will keep losing weight, but you will also gain more tools for living your healthiest lifestyle. During this phase, your coach will help you discover how your body responds to certain foods. Using a daily progress tracker, you will notice what foods make you feel strong and energized and which foods make you feel tired or irritable.

What about the “Learn Phase”?

Our 1-month Lose phase is only the beginning. It leads seamlessly into the Learn phase where our members and coaches work together to develop a customized weight loss maintenance program that works specifically for the member.

We methodically reintroduce food types back into our members’ diets. We track and monitor the results and modify our members’ specific eating plans accordingly.

The Infinite30 weight loss concept incorporates weekly coaching. This close engagement model encourages accountability and ensures that every step in the Learn process is implemented effectively.

What about the “Live Phase”?

The Infinite Weight Loss Program Is Truly Infinite

Infinite30 aspires to help our members sustain a healthy lifestyle and experience an amazing quality of life.

When our team of experienced weight loss & wellness professionals created Infinite30, we knew our program needed to extend well beyond rapid weight loss, and even past a maintenance program of some type. When nutritious eating habits and the health benefits that go with them become a routine part of living, people are able to focus their energies, activities, and inspiration on far more important things! The Live phase of Infinite30 is designed to help our members enjoy the best of life’s possibilities.


Infinite30’s revolutionary three-phase program makes all of these wonderful dreams a reality!

Community: The Infinite30 Difference in Atlanta, GA

What makes Infinite30 the best weight loss service in Atlanta? Our scientifically-driven approach to rapid weight loss and building a healthy lifestyle is obviously crucial, but it’s the people at Infinite30 that take our weight loss program to the next level.

When you join an Infinite30 Weight Loss Center near me, you join a positive, supportive community. From our expert coaches to our enthusiastic members, you have a group of likeminded people who want to see you succeed!

Our members can take advantage of a whole host of resources, including a body scanner to track your progress, exclusive deals on Infinite30’s products, and grocery shopping lists that are customized to your needs. We also come together as a community every week for the Infinite Possibilities conference call, and we have lively discussions on every aspect of a healthy lifestyle, from fitness to leisure to money management.

With these wonderful people and all of these resources at your fingertips, Infinite30’s community ensures that your rapid weight loss results will be long-lasting and will feed into a sustainable, healthy lifestyle.

Even if you move away from the Infinite30 Weight Loss Center near me in Atlanta, GA, you will still be a part of the Infinite30 community. We have over a dozen Infinite30 Weight Loss and Wellness Centers across eight states. If you move to an area without an Infinite30, you still have options! You can take advantage of our virtual coaching program, or you could even start your own franchise.

Use Your HSA/FSA Accounts

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Sharing our weight loss services is so important to us, and we want to make sure that our members can fund their Infinite30 journey. That’s why we accept Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) and Flexible Spending Arrangement/Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs). If your job offers an HSA or FSA as part of your benefits package, confirm the details of your plan, and the team at Infinite30 will be happy to help apply those funds to your weight loss program.

Infinite30’s proven three-phase weight loss plan gives you Infinite possibilities.

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