Are You the Dieting Queen?

Are You the Dieting Queen?

We all want to be the queen of something right?

Because of our personal experiences and with much practice some of us would deem ourselves a queen whether it’s shopping, dating, or the infamous “dieting”.

How many fad diets have you tried? Wouldn’t you say by now you could call yourself an expert? I bet you are an expert in counting calories, counting points, counting carbohydrates, and especially counting those steps.

At Infinite30, we understand that everyone is unique and that they are on their own journey to lose weight.

That’s why our weight loss centers in Raleigh, NC, Wake Forest, NC, Ocean Springs, MS, and all of our other locations cultivate a healthy, supportive community. 

Whether you’re using our 30-day weight loss challenge for rapid weight loss or trying another diet program, you don’t want to be the dieting queen.

Who is the Dieting Queen?

So, who is the Dieting Queen after all?

The Dieting Queen is someone who may have tried every “fad” diet. Atkins? South Beach? Keto? Paleo? 

And even though those diet programs haven’t given her satisfactory results (otherwise, why would she always be trying a new one?), she’s become convinced that she is the expert on losing weight.

The Diet Queen preaches her (dubious) diet information to everyone she meets, often giving unsolicited comments about someone’s body or making assumptions about someone’s diet or exercise regimen.

The Dieting Queen might not see anything wrong with her judgment or air of superiority. However, her attitude, at best, makes people feel uncomfortable and, at worst, could trigger a relapse in disordered eating.

Remember, no one knows everything–about dieting or other people’s journeys. 

How to Stop Being the Dieting Queen

If you recognize some elements of the Dieting Queen in yourself, or if you know someone who is the Dieting Queen, it’s okay. Everyone makes mistakes, and we can help you (or your friend) break the habit.

Here are some important things to keep in mind to stop being the Dieting Queen:

  • Be open to learning more information and recognize that you don’t know everything about dieting.
  • Seek out weight-loss experts and the research they form opinions based on.
  • Avoid trendy fad diets or influencer-peddled “miracle products” like tummy teas.
  • Don’t limit your focus to rapid weight loss. Learn about how to build a sustainable, healthy lifestyle, too.
  • Avoid making negative comments about someone’s weight, eating habits, or exercise regimen.
  • Understand that nutritional and fitness needs vary based on the individual.
  • Remember you don’t know about the medical conditions someone might be experiencing that can influence their experiences with weight loss and gains, such as hormone issues, endometriosis, or eating disorders.

Weight loss is a highly sensitive and personal issue. Approach others with the respect and compassion you would want to experience yourself.

If you focus on this open mindset, you can lay aside the Dieting Queen crown.

Beating the Dieting Queen with Infinite30

Fad diets aren’t the only way to lose weight fast. When it comes to diet programs, lean into Infinite30’s expert staff.

We have done our research into the science and psychology behind rapid weight loss, and our 30-day weight loss challenge provides a safe, effective way to lose weight fast.

Why? Because we have a holistic approach to losing weight.

We look at each individual and their unique needs, taking into account lifestyle, medical conditions, and hormones to help them find the diet program that works for the long term.

But we don’t leave you after the rapid weight loss! We work with you to build a healthy, sustainable lifestyle going forward.

Our supportive communities, both online and at our wellness centers in Raleigh, NC, Wake Forest, NC Ocean Springs, MS, and more will be with you every step of the way!

Contact us now to stop being the Dieting Queen and transform your life!

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